Word Cookies Answers

BitMango is a team widely known for their interesting arcade games and they do have quite a bit of puzzle games too. Word Cookies is their first true major word game and honestly it manages to hit all the right notes for people that enjoy word games.

Word Cookies Answers










If you are a fan of word games, you will like the fact that this game has multiple game modes and a huge array of ways you can play it. What you will enjoy the most here is that you get to find all the hidden words. Thankfully, all the words are carefully hidden in the game board. You need to have patience and focus if you want to reach the very best results and the overall experience can be a delightful one.
The thing you may like a lot here is that all words are randomly generated. This gives a ton of replay value and you never have to worry that you handle the same words all over again. It’s a much more enticing and fun way to play. Sure, there will be some challenges here and there, but overall you will find the game to be very rewarding and that’s surely a great thing to have at all times.
People that love word games will have a blast here as there are tons of word games to enjoy. They did a very good job with adding a plethora of new words. These help you spruce up your vocabulary and in the end the game experience gets to benefit from that. It can be a good game for kids too, since it helps improve vocabulary without that much of a hassle.
The way the words are presented, in the form of cookies in an oven, is quite ingenious. That’s why this game can cater to kids, because it does have a very interesting, visually appealing experience that can be quite enjoyable.
In true word game fashion, words can be found in diagonal, vertical, horizontal and so on. In fact, some of the words are placed backwards so you will find it extremely hard to figure out all of them. Thankfully, they added achievements, tons of words and daily bonus rewards that will keep you coming day by day and engage in more challenging gameplay moments.


I played Word Cookies for many hours and I see many more coming in the near future. The reason is simple, the game is a delight to play and it helps deliver an outstanding experience all the time. It’s easy to get into and it will be very hard to put it down once you start playing. This shows how good of a game this really is.
Unlike other word games, this is not coming with a time limit. As a result, you get to play and relax without having a deadline or something like that. This is the reason why Word Cookies can be a nice game for kids that want to test their vocabulary or even adults that want to relax after a hard day at work. Overall, Word Cookies is a delight to play and if you like the idea of playing a word game, this should be right up your alley!